Monday, January 4, 2010

Man Cost $330,000 to Buy MMO Space Station


You must be without problems to take out some money for several in-game content, but how about $330,000? In recent times a gamer wins MMO Crystal Palace space station auction for US$ 330,000. Entropia Universe has a "real cash economy" where $1 can buy you 10 PEDs (Project Entropia dollars) and Buzz snatched up the international space station for a cool 3,300,000 PED (USD 330,000).

The MMO was intended by Swedish-based MindArk and is a direct continuation of Project Entropia. The auction finally ended with the final bid of 3,300,000 PEDs made by "Buzz Erik Lightyear" at 23:01 Calypso time, thus finalizing an incredibly exciting auction. As the owner of the new hub, Buzz Erik Lightyear can adjust tax rates in his international space station so he could get some real-life ROI from his in-game property. How that goes is up to him and the policies of Planet Calypso.

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