Friday, May 14, 2010

Space Shuttle Launch Today – NASA is All Set to Launch Space Shuttle Atlantis


On Wednesday, NASA confirmed the launch of space shuttle Atlantis for May 14th at 2:20 pm, Eastern. The countdown has begun and the shuttle will be launched today from Florida’s Kennedy Space center. The shuttle will carry out it’s 12 day trip to the International Space Station to deliver an integrated cargo carrier and a mini research module that was built by Russia.

The shuttle will carry 6 crew members. In addition to the Russian module, they’ll also be delivering supplies to the Space Station for the post-space shuttle era that is soon to come.

NASA reported that they have had a clean countdown and there are no issues. Even the weather department has cleared any fears, by confirming a clear forecast for the space shuttle launch today.

Today’s space shuttle launch will be one of the last, as the space shuttle program is scheduled for cancellation at the end of 2010.


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