Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NASA offers to take your face into space

Want to feel a part of the last space shuttle missions? NASA will give you an honorary presence on one of the final two flights to the International Space Station. Upload a head shot to their website, choose your mission, and they'll put your face in space.

The method of transport for the images isn't clear, but judging from previous efforts, odds are they'll be digital. The Stardust mission carried a million names written to a microchip to comet Wild 2 and the Cassini orbiter took 616,400 signatures recorded on a DVD to Saturn.

Even with photos of about 2 centimetres square, the 16,089 participants (at the time of writing) would add up to 58 sheets of A4 paper, printed on both sides.

Nevertheless, your pixels can fly with Discovery on 16 September or Endeavour in November this year. Once the shuttle returns to Earth, you can come back to the Face in Space site to get a flight certificate - signed by none other than the mission commander.

If you can't wait for your face to go to space, NASA is also still offering you the opportunity to "space your face" using a virtual dancing astronaut on a website it launched last year.


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