Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PSLV launch a great success: Madhavan Nair

G. Madhavan Nair, former chairman of ISRO applauded the 16th consecutive launch PSLV C15, in his speech at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology.

The vehicle carried the indigenously built Cartosat 2B remote sensing satellite, Alsat from Algeria, two satellites from Swiss and Canadian universities and a small satellite ‘Studsat’ built by a conglomerate of colleges from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Dr. Nair emphasized the need inspire students towards the path of experimentation and discovery, creating successful entrepreneurs. He has said that though the country has considerable indigenous talent, much of our technology is imported. This has to be stopped and as a measure, large investments should be made in science and technology.

Four areas of immediate attention were highlighted, which would ensure social development, food security, health security, energy security and education.

Food security could be achieved by the use of genetically enhanced crops and better storage techniques. Energy security, while hindered by the large population, could be achieved by the extensive usage of alternative energy sources and efficient storage devices. Health security required a development of indigenous diagnostic techniques, changing drug distribution system and development of nano materials.

J. K. Kuncheira, principal, RIT, chaired the session. Other speakers included M. S. Jayamohan, M. Jalaja and T. Sasikumar.


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